Champagne & Strawberries Rose Quartz Melts

Champagne & Strawberries Rose Quartz Melts

Wax melts are handmade in small batches from organic soy wax & dried flowers. 

Infused with Rose Quartz crystals, rose petals & calendula petals.

A sweet yet delicate blend of bubbly champagne and ripe strawberries with hints of summer fruit and rose x o

Works in any oil burner or wax warmer

♡ How to use ♡

Place a wax melt inside the bowl on top of the warmer.

Light the wick of a tealight candle and place it in the warmer in the area beneath the bowl.
You can also use your mini wax melts without melting them by using them as natural air fresheners - place one on a small piece of baking paper or aluminium foil inside your clothes cupboard, clothes drawer or bathroom.