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Candles are the most accessible way to bring magic into your life, which is why I began my business, Sistaa Of The Moon. By honouring the flame and calling in the scent magic, you can connect to what you want to call in and manifest.

Why Soy Bean Wax 

Soy Bean is 100% GM free and no pesticides or herbicides are used at any stage. Soy wax is non-toxic making it better for your health and our beautiful environment.

Soy Bean is a renewable source, making the wax biodegradable and a eco friendly product.

Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax which is made from petroleum, coal or shale oil which can blacken walls as well as releasing toxic carcinogens in to the air. Soy wax burns slower making it longer lasting & Soy also absorbs the fragrance better. 

The jars we use are 100% Reusable & Recyclable.



Crystals have been a symbol of power for thousands of years. They are valued for more than their beauty, each Crystal has a sacred meaning.

The more you understand your Crystals the more effective they are. Crystals work through vibration and work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Crystals realign energies getting to the root cause.  

I personally infuse my Candles with Crystals creating Beauty, Power and a Irresistible Aroma. 



Candle Care

Always trim your candle wick to 5mm before lighting your candle to ensure you get the maximum burn time.

When burning your candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt around all edges before blowing it out - This will help the candle burn clean and evenly for future use.

Never leave your candle burning for more than 3 hours at one time. Once the wax reaches halfway down the Candle - carefully monitor the burn time and extinguish the flame after 1 hour.

Always keep your candle burning on a firm, heat-resistant surface. Ensure you stop burning your candle when 15mm of wax remains.

When you have finished burning your candle, wash out any leftover wax with hot water and detergent and carefully remove your Crystals from the jar.


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All prices listed on are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)
We are currently shipping in NZ ONLY


Accepted Payment Types:
Payments are processed through Paypal.


Sistaa Of The Moon will consider a refund for any purchase(s) if the product is faulty / Damaged. Please contact us within 72 hours of receiving the order if you have any concerns please email us

Sistaa Of The Moon does not offer refunds for change of mind purchases.


Please note that our candles and melts are of a fragile nature so we do not consider a small crack in these as a faulty item.
If you would like to return a product, please note that delivery costs are at your own expense.

To be eligible for an exchange, refund or store credit, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.


All products made by Sistaa Of The Moon Ltd are safe, natural and an effective way to enhance your mental health and well-being 


Sistaa Of The Moon Ltd is not held responsible for any injuries or accidents that could arise when using our products. Please use candles and crystals safely and responsibly.

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